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“So it began…”

For many thousands of years, our world was dead; Destroyed, it was, by those who came long long before the Eld.

Our Gods were given responsibility for our world; to rebuild and make right the mistakes of the Destroyers.

The Gods gazed upon our world in wonderment; they could see the beauty of our world hidden under all the devastation.

So, the Gods joined hands with one another. The Good & Just; The Wise, and The Evil & Malign.

And, at this joining did the Chamber of Counsel come into being. From here, the Gods could gather and plan.

The Gods of Good wished to create a world of Love and Peace; The Gods of Evil wished to create a world of constant conflict for their amusement.

Long did Good and Evil quarrel with one another whilst the Wise looked on and said nothing….

That is, until Aldorin, Highest of the Wise, called a stop to the bickering.

“…since it falls to the Wise to stop this bickering…so shall We claim the Rights of Division. Each in turn shall place Their hand upon this world to create that which they may!”

“However, since the Wise have taken charge, so it is that We shall be first!”

After much thought, both those of Good and Evil agreed to allow Aldorin his command, both sides seeing that their opposite shall not gain an upper hand against them.

The Wise, lead by Aldorin, departed briefly to confer amongst one another.

After a time, they returned. Aldorin, after the Others had gathered, stepped forth and said,

“This World is Dead. And, it falls to Us to make it breathe and grow as it was originally designed. It must be Forged anew!

“To this end, I call upon Photen, Emmisary of Light and the Keeper of the Hearth!”

Lo! From amongst the Wise stepped forth Photen and entered into the Circle]]. Lifting His arms, He spoke to the heavens…

“I, Photen, shall be the First. I call upon the distant Stars to lend me their Strength.”

Closing His eyes, thus sayeth Photen…

“Be Thou Alive! Be Thou Alive! Awaken! Awaken, that which sleeps!”

The stars dimmed. There was Silence, and Darkness for what seemed like an eternity lasting a moment. When the light returned, our world was reborn. And with this renewal, Photen earned a new title: The Forger.

And so, our World was re-born, yet still remained Corrupted. Aided by the other Gods, Photen re-shaped the World into what we see today. And, with this reconstruction, the Gods realized that the World was not so dead as was once believed.

Our World awakened and began its own healing process outside of the Gods influence. And Lo! Within the midst of the World there was opened a Gateway. And from this poured all the inhabitants of the Barrenlands. This was the reason why this World existed; to seal the Gateway. The Corrupted, those that have entered our world, are fell servants forever seeking to reopen the Gateway.

But how was it resealed? Metrym, Goddess of Healing and Peace at the behest of Aldorin, joined forces with Pohtylhreth, Master of Selfishness and Greed to re-seal the gate. For it was Aldorin, whom once again, pointed out that only through cooperation would the World remain the charge of the Gods. Metrym helped to repair and seal the gateway while Pohtylhreth guarded her with constructs driven by selfishness and greed; for none but the Gods would rule upon this world. Aldorin, through his mastery of Order achieved this feat where Good and Malign worked towards a common goal to protect the World from destruction. As has been told before, should our World fail, so do the Gods themselves.

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