Emperor Rellyn IX

History and origin of Arboria 'slavery'


The “World of Arboria” is ruled by an Empire that is thousands of years old. Long ago, around the year 3687 IY (Imperial Year), the then Emperor (Rellyn IX) proclaimed an end to capital punishment except for extreme cases. As a replacement, he ordered that all laws for felonies to be re-written and all sentences be changed to that of indentured servitude. Prisoners would be sold on the block for a minimum of a common labor’s weekly wage. Auctioned off to the highest bidder, the then indentured servant was fitted with a restraining collar which was only removable by the Emperor, General of the Legion, Governor of the region to which the servant was to be sent, and the new owner. The length of the sentencing shall be as long as necessary for the crime or crimes committed. The restraining collar was enchanted in such a way that the servant would be immediately identifiable as a servant, and would cast a Geas upon the servant.

However, the owner is expected to re-educate the servant as needed, provide food and lodging, and was responsible for the actions of the servant in question.

As time passed, it was found that this was an ideal means of relocating prisoners to appropriate rehabilitation. Some never made it to the auction block, having been bought directly by the Imperial Legions as laborers or trainers. Most others are purchased by the various knightly and religious orders (if the candidate was ‘redeemable’), or if the candidate had some type of previous trade background. By no means would any prisoner be sold so as to commit more crimes or to perform any actions that could result in retaliatory death (i.e. soldiering, working with dangerous creatures or substances, etc.).

Emperor Rellyn IX

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