Portals and Secrets

Previously in Arboria

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  • The party was assailed by solid but opaque occupants of the War Wagon while it’s driver attempted to run them over. Yonik dispatched the lead skeletal horse, thus making the wagon’s progress limited.
  • Our combatants made quick work of the undead, in their usual manner, and collected several sets of ancient and magical breastplates…presumably to help with equipping Ravenbrook…correction, Stonebridge.
  • Exploring further, the party pursued an Eldenfell patrol that seemed to be running from…or leading…the party.
  • Losing their quarry, the party found a room, sunken in the middle, that seemingly lead to a naturally occurring portal…at which point the party was greeted telepathically by Nygel, a wizard far off in TwinPort.
  • Nygel requested the assistance of the party to return to him the right pinky-bone of his former companion, a one Tirin van der Palynex (PAL-in-oo), which the party met once before while en-route to Ravenbrook
  • Many attempts were made to determine the portal’s destination. Finally, Kima leaned into the portal head first. Luckily, she was only rewarded by being covered in soot and her hair having been burned away.
  • Looking elsewhere in the room, a small chamber held what appeared to be a wizard’s workshop, complete with a book of spells and two other books. One a ledger, another that magically tracked those that entered or left ‘the vicinity’.
  • In a neighboring chamber the group viewed a ghastly scene: A hideous altar to Elkroyim could be seen from the passage, an overwhelming sense of dread permeating the air. A small corpse could be seen upon the altar, that of a child. Kima attempted to enter the chapel of atrocity but was immediately assailed by an overpowering wave of Corruption. Dropping to her knees, Kima let out a cry of pain as she vomited upon the floor. Pale as a sheet, her now bald head streaked with dark purple veins, Kima finally came to her senses, however now horribly scarred and infected with a large exposure to Corruption.
  • Zhevon scouted ahead while Kima tried to recover with the assistance of Battalacus.


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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