Portals and Secrets

Previously in Arboria

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  • The party was assailed by solid but opaque occupants of the War Wagon while it’s driver attempted to run them over. Yonik dispatched the lead skeletal horse, thus making the wagon’s progress limited.
  • Our combatants made quick work of the undead, in their usual manner, and collected several sets of ancient and magical breastplates…presumably to help with equipping Ravenbrook…correction, Stonebridge.
  • Exploring further, the party pursued an Eldenfell patrol that seemed to be running from…or leading…the party.
  • Losing their quarry, the party found a room, sunken in the middle, that seemingly lead to a naturally occurring portal…at which point the party was greeted telepathically by Nygel, a wizard far off in TwinPort.
  • Nygel requested the assistance of the party to return to him the right pinky-bone of his former companion, a one Tirin van der Palynex (PAL-in-oo), which the party met once before while en-route to Ravenbrook
  • Many attempts were made to determine the portal’s destination. Finally, Kima leaned into the portal head first. Luckily, she was only rewarded by being covered in soot and her hair having been burned away.
  • Looking elsewhere in the room, a small chamber held what appeared to be a wizard’s workshop, complete with a book of spells and two other books. One a ledger, another that magically tracked those that entered or left ‘the vicinity’.
  • In a neighboring chamber the group viewed a ghastly scene: A hideous altar to Elkroyim could be seen from the passage, an overwhelming sense of dread permeating the air. A small corpse could be seen upon the altar, that of a child. Kima attempted to enter the chapel of atrocity but was immediately assailed by an overpowering wave of Corruption. Dropping to her knees, Kima let out a cry of pain as she vomited upon the floor. Pale as a sheet, her now bald head streaked with dark purple veins, Kima finally came to her senses, however now horribly scarred and infected with a large exposure to Corruption.
  • Zhevon scouted ahead while Kima tried to recover with the assistance of Battalacus.
A New Beginning

(LONG) Unfortunately, I have not been keeping up with the Adventure Blog so I will “paraphrase” what has happened since the last post:

  • The party made plans to subvert Kreeds holding on the town in an effort to gain backing for his removal. This included setting up a small inn far outside Ravenbrook yet close enough for lumberjacks and dwarven workers/patrols from stopping by for a pint.
  • The inn soon grew to a small outpost. Dwarven workers were repairing the roads, building new ones to the monastery and through the forest. A dwarven blacksmith soon set up shop near the inn since it was a good location proximity wise to the ongoing repairs in the region. Also, it’s outside the taxation of Kreed’s Lumber Consortium.
  • Kreed decided to ‘play nice’ and offered the party merchant membership to the high market for any of their ongoing construction needs. This led the party to meed with Harg, the halfing in charge of regional business permits.
  • It was made known to the party, via several different persons, that Harg has no love of Kreed. Subtly, Harg slipped a note among the permits and handed them off to the party. The note said that Harg would observe and that the party should ‘be ready for anything’. Simply put, Harg needed to see if the party would be strong enough to stand up to Kreed.
  • Eventually, the party was invited to the High Market area and were offered to bid on a house that had recently become available. A seemingly large mansion. There were a few other prospective buyers and the party learned that at least one of them was not really a merchant or wealthy individual.
  • Harg let the party enter the dwelling, asking pointedly “Are you ready?” thus alerting the party to Kreeds final plan; an abmush.
  • Inside the large house the party met Overboss Paydem and some cronies. Paydem exhibited glowing tattoos that seemingly allowed him to wade into battle with various powers unaided by weapons or armor.
  • Zhevon quickly used Darkness upon himself, thwarting the ranged attackers that opposed the party. Yonik worked the cronies while Battalacus focused on Paydem. Kima assisted Yonik with a target, then moved in with Battalacus. Both Kima and Battalacus managed to land successive critical hits that split Payem in twain.
  • The rest of the attackers were quickly cut or chased down. When the party exited the building, parts of the town and forest were ablaze. Surprisingly, citizens were working in coordination to resolve the new threat.
  • The fires were set at the command of Kreed with the intent of destroying what he could not have. As a result, several buildings were lots in Ravenbrook, and representatives of the Greenfire Druids informed the town that logging was no longer permitted by the command of the Fey that dwelled within the forest.
  • The Greenfire Druids worked with the town of Ravenbrook as intermediaries for the Fey to convey messages. The response was always the same: Do not trespass off the roads within the forest or feel the wrath of the Fey.
  • Zhevon came up with the idea of perhaps seeding local areas with Aliantha seeds in the hope that the recuperative berry-bush would flourish. Geraldine teamed up with a local ranger to help the Greenfire Druids in anyway that she could. Ezekiel kept to the town and began ingratiating himself as a representative of the party to the remaining ‘upper class’.
  • The region began to rebuild. The Imperium opened up Mithril trade due to failings in the war. It was their hope that more equipment could be made or developed for their use in the war. As a result, dwarven Adamantine and Elven Ironwoods were also introduced into trade. Thus, magical equipment began to flourish.
  • Ravenbrook began rebuilding. Mystics of Dyna built a small structure and made their services available with the increase of magical item creation. Farms began to pop up in the surrounding foothills, which soon brought in a small halfling community. Discussion of how the town should be run was brought up and it was decided that Ravenbrook would be ruled by Council.
  • The Council was made up of the Sheriff (police), Harg (merchants), Lady Cirthana (religions), Vade (arcansists, never shows up to meetings) and two other local persons that will soon be elected.
  • Six months has passed and the party has acquired new powers and equipment. Kima, in her prepartions for creating magical items for the party, learned there was a cult of mages that were rumored to be in a ‘nearby’ tower, Crystalwick.
  • The party decided to accompany Kima for various reasons (if nothing to get out for some excitement). Along they way they encountered a small empty town devoid of life. Within the town, there was no life, no people, no bugs…nothing. 100’ beyond the town the party found what looked like intricate castings of wildlife made from iron. It’s beleived that perhaps all life within the town was transmuted into iron but, where the occupants of the town was it is not known.
  • Also within the town were three areas of concentrated Corruption. The party traveled onward not knowing what else to do for the small town. That night, Drolems were heard in the town. Not being too far off, Kima approached the town and observed a single Drolem silently in place over the areas of Corruption. After about an hour, the Drolem then slowly floated upward without sound…the Corruption was gone.
  • Eventually the party reached the mountain where the Crystalwick tower, or the remains of it, could be seen. Being an old dwarven trade route, Battalacus looked about for wrought stonework and discovered an old abandoned guard post hidden within the rock itself. Finding nothing substantial, they moved on up the path.
  • After a short time of travelling the switchback road, it then turned deeper into the mountains and seemed to enter a gully-like region. Shortly, they encountered a rough but well made blockade across their path: A tollbooth run by a somewhat agreeable Fire Giant that demanded a paltry fee of 200sp each.
  • Barter and bribery were attempted but the Fire Giant was adamant in his required fees. Kima paid for the party and they continued onward.
  • Several hours later Zhevon felt the hairs on the back of his neck tingle, a sure sign that they were in danger. With barely the warning leaving his lips the party narrowly avoided boulders from the heights.
  • Immediately after, they party was ambushed by an Ogre Mage which cackled in glee with a voice that reminded them of the Fire Giant. The Ogre Mage used various powers to gain an advantage over the party, including flight and invisibility.
  • Growing impatient with the party’s resistance to its attacks, the Ogre Mage made a last attempt to at least kill someone but the party was ready for him. Zhevon, having started his experimentation with mutagens, managed to quickly outflank the Ogre Mage while it concentrated on Kima.
  • The party eventually beat the Ogre Mage into a bloody pulp and continued on their way, finally reaching the remains of the tower Crystalwick.
  • It was immediately apparent that there was a recent battle with Eldenfell forces; small craters were found on the walls of a nearby structure to the ruins. Dwarven and Elven corpses were scattered just outside and within the stone structure. It appears they were part of a mercenary group and not affiliated with any specific government.
  • The party finally found a way inside the ruins after the main doors refused to co-operate. They encountered a confused and partially enrage Ettin which seemed to be a survivor of some type of medical experimentation. He led the party through the inner ruins to the front door and managed to open the main doors.
  • After the Ettin ran off home, the party turned to look at their surroundings. They were in a very…very…very large room that contains what looked like a battle wagon. Not small like a chariot but having the same principle. There would be a protected driver with the wagon carrying at least twenty troops into battle.
  • It was then that the party realized that perhaps those troops were still lurking nearby, as they then noticed ghost-like figures taking up positions and readying for an attack.
When the Ends and the Means are Justifed

Previously in Arboria

  • After a careful rest, the party proceeded to clear out the remainder of the monastery.
  • Descending again, the party advanced towards the western part of the ruins, finding an empty and dusty barraks. Proceeding north a mess hall was found where a recent battle had taken place.

  • Within a matter of moments sudden footsteps were heard northward as a pair of disheveled ghouls came running, into the mess hall. Apparently they were being pursued. Two man-sized creatures, no skin, black muscles, red glowing eyes were firing magical crossbows at the ghouls. Missed shots hit nearby walls with a blast of rock from the strong magics.
  • The party advanced on the two crossbow wielding adversaries once the ghouls were dispatched. Co-ordinated tactics quickly brought the unknown assailants down.
  • Vade’s son, Savram, quickly assessed the party as ‘seemingly competent’ and insisted that they help rescue his friends that were abducted by a smoke demon. Savram, obviously, has a high opinion of himself.

  • The party continued their exploration at the urging of Savram. They found and rescued Kimi, the tomboyish daughter of a local renowned ranger. Ripping the leg from a nearby wooden table, Kimi was determined to rescue her friend.
  • The group advanced onward through some rough hewn tunnels filled with smoke. At last, ahead, they could see the soft glow of a red-hot forge. Hammer-to-iron could be heard ahead, along with the simpering sounds of a crying child.

  • Ahead, near the forge, the party could see an underwordly monstrosity covered in chains. Nearby, a plump boy wrapped with chains and linked to the monstrosity was silently crying, near exhaustion and almost unconscious.
  • The party slowly advanced and prepared for the inevitable demise of the thing-that-should-not-be. As it turned, combat ensued with the addition of two hell hounds, jaws dripping with ash and lava, which immediately breathed gouts of fire from behind, hitting the children.

  • The smoky room made combat difficult. With the children near or seemingly dead, the party finally brough down the master of the ruins.
  • In the aftermath, the party manage to save the children…barely. Exhausted and disheveled, they all rested before returning to town.

  • In the last few weeks, the party has learned more of the political and social structure of Ravenbrook. This sad town needs some serious trimming of fat. The party now set their sights on a new adversary…Thuldrin Kreed, who runs his town like a mini kingdom.
  • Plots are hatched, and a new chapter begins.

What do you do?

Time Enough for Sleep in the Grave...

Previously in Arboria

  • The party decided to proceed north through the center of the area, avoiding the pressure-plate filled circular.
  • Many strange traps and situations were encountered; a steam filled room with a pair of shocker lizards, a vaulted room with statues on opposing sides where the room itself would quickly invert, causing the statues to pummel the party; a listening chamber where all the sounds in the underground temple could be heard, protected by incorporeal undead.

  • Eventually, the party reached the High Abbot’s Chamber. There, a strange contraption that looked like an automated anvil and hammer was found. Laying across it was a skeleton with a crushed skull. Pining away at the remains was a homunculous, crying for it’s long dead master. Zhevon captured the critter in his cape, and then proceeded to test out the newly acquired machine.
  • A small splatter of blood later, Kima and Yonik discovered some treasures laying about the room. The skeleton had a magical, cursed, gauntlet made from Cold Iron. Yonik found an incomplete sculpture of an owlbear, and a small plaque of obsidian with the final words of the Abbot.
  • Zhevon, not satisfied with his earlier tests, proceeded to use the cursed gauntlet to ‘acquire’ some Cold Iron for later usage.
  • Following the double doors from the Abbot’s quarters to the east, it lead to a hallway that went south to the previously found circular chamber of plates. Northward, the passage turned a corner and lead to another secret door.
  • Zhevon opened the door and immediately closed it. Beyond the door the party could see combatants that were prepared for them.
  • These humanoids didn’t look like they had skin. Their muscles were black and where tendons would be it was a lighter shade of grey. Their eyes were wide, unblinking and glowed red like smooth blood-colored gems. Each bore some type of a strange crossbow that glowed.
  • Upon closing the door, the party then decided that perhaps a re-grouping was in order. They encamped upstairs in a hidden chamber that was at one point the monk’s quarters.

What do you do?

All work and no play...

Previously in Arboria

  • The party decided to assist Ravenbrook by gathering the remainder of the ingredients that Laurel mentioned.
  • The pickled rat’s tail was a root found within an old shack out in the woods. The shack was dilapidated and run down, possible abandoned for a few decades. Before the party was able to acquire the ingredient they were assaulted by an animated cauldron taking up large portion of the small shack.
  • Next, the group found the tallest and oldest tree within the woods. High in the branches there were three bodies that looked to be local hunters. As she approached the tree, Kima was attacked by a large half-lizard half-humanoid like creature. It was later learned that the creature was a Tatzlwurm and was a distant cousin to dragons. The creature was skinned and it’s not sure yet if the pelt can be used in crafting special armors.
  • Arriving back at Ravenbrook it was learned that 15 more people had died since you left (death toll since you arrived is 20 total). It seems that the town had been awaiting your return once it was rumored you were to investigate a cure. Laurel thanked you and gave each of you a small reward of coins (there’s not much more she could offer).
  • The party returned to the monastery and entered the lower chambers. These areas are extremely well constructed with very smooth floors, wide corridors and robust double doors in most locations. The entry room had a partially destroyed obelisk of obsidian. The obelisk had many dwarven runes and depictions of Droskar, dwarven god of toil and domination. It seems that there was recent work done on the obelisk where parts had been chipped away.
  • A side room had a sacrificial pit filled with lava. Evidence of previous sacrifices could be seen where blood had seeped into the sides of the lava-pit. Hiding in the vents above were two Gricks that assailed the party.
  • North of the lava pit, behind locked doors, a long hallway was traversed until the party met large menacing and obviously Corrupted rats feeding from a decapitated corpse. Short work was made of these dog-sized monsters.
  • Following the corridor, ignoring a side passage, it ended is a set of locked double doors. Beyond was a circular room with a stone obelisk rose from floor to ceiling, its surface covered with metal bands and encrusted with deposits of a strange greenish mineral. The floor of this chamber is strewn with headless skeletons and scattered bones (no skulls among them). A dented steel shield and bits of metal armor lie at the foot of the obelisk.
  • Working in tandem, Zhevon and Kima soon learned that there were many plate triggers within the room. Not knowing what would happen, it was decided to toss the headless corpse into the room. As it landed, the corpse was engulfed in a blast of lightning and the doors closed, almost trapping one of them inside. After a few minutes, there was a click and the doors relocked themselves.
  • Ignoring the circular room for now, the party decided to take a side passage that looked like it would lead them back to the stairs. An evil hiss arose from the darkness ahead. A floating dwarven form shrouded in full plate rounds the corner. The air about the dwarven specter shimmered eerily, and the walls and floor sizzled and smoked where it passed. The thing’s boots scorned the earth, gliding a full foot above the masonry floor. It dragged a cruel bloodletter axe in the air behind it.
  • As the specter closed in upon the party it was soon learned that the creature was actually an empty set of armor encased in a gelatinous cube. It followed to group as the party laid oil traps and lead it into the lava room in order to destroy it. Battalacus ended up with a nice set of armor and a glowing magical battle-axe as a reward.

Please note: I did a google search for battle axes. I went through the list not liking what I saw until I came upon the squirrel shouting No. I don’t know why it came up in the search but thought it too funny not to include.

What do you do?

To Clean or to Cleanse

Previously in Arboria

  • The party finally arrived in Riverbrook and learned of the origin of the plague. They eventually met with Laurel, the local midwife and herbalist, and she mentioned a possible cure. One of the ingredients could be found at the dwarven monastery.
  • After acquiring a map, the group decided on a direct path to the monastery through the Darkmoon Vale. There were several strange encounters, such as mysterious tracks that suddenly vanished, and fey seemingly impaled upon trees.
  • The party finally arrived at the monastery after 3 days of travel. After a quick recon, it was decided to enter the building through a large opening into the dilapidated library.
  • With Battalacus at the lead, you made quick work of the remaining denizens within the monastery. Battle proved difficult against a very large and intelligent Worg guarding one of the ingredients, but the party prevailed.
  • Finally, the party found a hidden chamber within which they could rest up and then descend to the next level…
  • …or, should they continue searching for the remaining ingredients knowing that there are lives at stake.
Ravenbrook At Last

Previously in Arboria

  • Heading westward, the party soon reached a small farming village with a local lord.
  • It was soon discovered that a child had become ill with a plague-like disease. Zhevon managed to work up a medicinal tea that alleviated some of the pain the child was experiencing. However, the child could soon die.
  • The party visited the local lord and plead for the child to be taken swiftly to TwinPort West to receive care from the Mystics of Dyna for it was discovered that the plague may have originated through Corruption.
  • Several days later, the party was thwarted an ambush by several mainland Hobgoblins and their employer; Bavo, the wizard assistant to Taezal, the Alborian druidess that orchestrated the attack on the party’s ship several weeks earlier. Obviously driven mad by his extended use of Corrupted Arcanic magic, the party relieved Bavo of his life.
  • A few days later, at long last, the party reached a ferry that would take them across the river. On the far bank, the party could make out the roughshod hovels of the village Ravenbrook.
Preparing for War?

Previously in Arboria

  • The party came upon a minor roadside community that was surrounded by three different legions of about 100 soldiers each. Dwarves, Elves and Arborian Hobgoblins were representing and cooperating.
  • It was decided by the party to try and get a few of the dwarves drunk to learn more of what transpired.
  • Hector Longchain, a highly skilled sapper in the dwarven legion, easily volunteered his insight as to what was going on, and confirmed that Aborian Hobgoblins are nothing like the Hobgoblins on the mainland. He suspects that Arborian Hobgoblins are a completely different race.
  • Your new friend Hector also volunteered that the three legions were marking up to the capital in a show of strength and unity to bolster moral for an upcoming war. Unfortunately, no specifics were learned.
  • At the beginning of the next day, the legions had left or were leaving the community. Your party continued to travel south through heavy forest.

  • At midday, you encountered an extremely tall man, about 8-10 feet. Long beard, flowing white robed, ancient face with piercing eyes. He said ‘Assist Me’ while you watched the forest close in behind him.
  • Following the entity, you were led to a dead and fallen tree that was re-diverting a small brook that would eventually cause a flash flood upon a distant farmstead. Asking the entity why he could not move it himself, his only answer was ‘Forbidden’.

  • Your party set about to work on the dead tree. Close to finishing your task you were accosted by Minions of Corruption, which you dispatched quickly.
  • Completing your task the entity gave you a give of a fine meal. The next day you discovered some magical trinkets as an additional reward.
  • Continuing your travel southward, you soon discovered that your travel time has been substantially reduced. You are only about nine days away from your destination. Kima found a nearby shrine to Ohstaiya and gave prayers & offerings in thanks for their speedy travel.
...And on.


Previously in Arboria — South of TwinPort West

  • Interviews were conducted and two new associates were hired: Yonik, a robed dwarf highly proficient in the use of bows and Kima, a tall human woman with dark hair and birthmark in the shape of a scimitar on one cheek.
  • The mists of fate revealed signs and portents to some party members on the night before leaving TwinPort West.
  • The party traveled southward from TwinPort west following the well maintained cobbled road. Many pastures and farms were found along this southern route. Merchants, caravans and soldiers of all sorts travel in both directions along this main trade route.
  • The first night on the road was spent in the barn of an Imperial Waystation. These waystations are places of safe haven for travellers along the Imperial roads.
  • At midday on the second day of their southward travels, the party came upon a small farm that had been looted and pillaged by some escaped criminals. The only survivor, a small baby, was given to the Imperial patrol that happened upon the carnage after the party successfully took revenge for the family upon their killers.
  • The party decided to give the loot they found upon the criminals as a gift to the orphaned child. As a reward, all members of your group received small wooden tokens that could be redeamed at any waystation for a small amount of coin in reward for their services to the Imperial armies.
  • Zhevon looked upon the wooden tokens with a glint in his eye.
  • For their second night, at sunset the party came upon a small community where there was an inn, a general store and a blacksmith to services to travellers. Also, there’s a warehouse for the storage and trade of common goods (grains, lumber, textiles, etc.).
The Road Goes Ever On...

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Previously in Arboria

  • Battalacus met with Maudain, a Forge-Priest of Moradin and received insight and assistance in locating the dwarven monestary. A great reward awaits him upon successful completion of his task.
  • Zhevon was able to make contact with local ‘representatives’ that are requesting assistance in a region on the borderlands between the Imperials and Dwarfholm. Zhevon also learned the meaning behind the perverted symbol of the Aliantha leaf.
  • The party visited the Mystic temple to complete their original mission. The Mystic that accepted delivery, Marlan, gave the party many gems as their reward, in excess of the original fees promised.
  • Zhevon asked about a magical wooden sickle which bore the mark of a perverted Aliantha leaf. Marlan, a matron within the Mystic order, revealed that the weapon itself was corrupted, and was amazed that the party survived as long as they did with such a weapon in their possession. It was then that the party learned of the special properties of the silvered turquoise necklace in their possession.
  • Marlan destroyed the corrupted sickle and paid the party an additional sum for bringing it to the Mystics. It was then discovered that the party had a mild exposure to corruption, which Marlan was happy to remove with the party’s permission.
  • Rory and ‘Priest’ took their leave but promised to return if their help was ever needed. They also expressed a desire to accompany the party should they make plans to return the silvered turquoise necklace as requested by the ghost Bruenor.
  • Battalacus and Zhevon then began making plans for their joint journey to Ravenbrook, a small though important lumbering community.

What do you do?


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