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(I do not own or claim to own any images I’ve used. I’ve pulled them from all over and they are only used to inspire thought in the game I’m running. Some images are from pre-printed adventures, others are from video game screenshots, others are real world historical identities or stock images from Core Rules 2.0 expansion 2nd Edition D&D software).


The World of Arboria is set upon a crystal sphere that could be familiar to some, though not to all. In it, you may recognize names, events or other such things. Please bear in mind that though they may be similar, they are not what you might think.

The World of Arboria is the world where its very existence determines the existence of the Multiverse; One cannot exist without the other. If the World of Arboria is somehow destroyed (and there are forces that seek this) then all other worlds that make up the Multiverse would expire as well.

The struggle is not so much as Good vs Evil, or Law vs Chaos. Both do and should exist within the confines of this world. The Gods (of which there are many) jointly work together to maintain the existence of the World of Arboria, as they are directly tied to it as well. The Gods still struggle with each other, though only in the possession of the world; meaning, the forces of Good and the Malign (evil) seek to gain dominion over the world so as to keep the opposing side in check. The Wise (neutral) seeks to keep the balance, and surprisingly, they are the strongest within the World of Arboria.

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Isle of Tiernan

The Imperium

Imperial Crime and Punishment

“Arborial Hobgoblin” Society

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