The Imperium

The “World of Arboria” is ruled by an Empire that is thousands of years old.

The current year is 7631. The current Emperor is Kolot (the Listless), an apparent fop. Of course, he has only recently acquired the crown two years ago after the mysterious death of his father Urollo IV and has yet to make any proclamations or changes to the current form of government. It is as yet unclear if Kolot is a fit ruler for the Empire.

Update – From GM Only section

Kolot, in fact, is not an ‘apparent fop’ at all. In fact, he’s extremely intelligent and has elite members of the Mystics of Dyna working with him to slowly and steadily gain allies. So, that when the time comes for reform, Kolot can immediately put down any uprisings from the nobles or generals currently running the empire.

Kolot nurtures his concealed intellect, and is in fact, an extremely talented sorcerer and swordsman. If not for his imperial birth he could have joined the ranks of the Mystics.

Kolot plans to eventually abolish the indentured decree upon the inhabitants of the Isle of Tiernan. Also, he has planted agents within the rebellion to help reduce the bloodshed against his own armies. Tactics are devised and recommended to the rebellion leaders that allow them to function with a minimum of casualties. Some hotheads within the rebels are clamoring for harsher actions.

The Imperium

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