The Gods of Arboria

Here then are the Known Gods and the Domains over which they rule:

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There are a few things to remember about the deities for the World of Arboria:

  1. They were called to the world to heal it. Their origins are assumed to be from the Outerplanes.
  2. All faiths do not oppose marriage except for those of the Malign as noted in their descriptions. There is no enforced celibacy among the clergies; a prime resource for more worshipers are their own offspring.
  3. They will often cooperate together for the sake of the world. Because…
  4. They are intrinsically tied to the world. If the world dies, so do all the gods.
  5. Wars between them do happen though only occasionally.
  6. They generally speak to their chosen through omens and visions. Some few champions of faith have received enlightenment through Messengers; beings sent at the command on a deity.
  7. They will still try to influence unbelievers if it suits their purposes.
  8. They only become jealous if their worshipers revere another that is potentially diametrically opposed. Many communities praise multiple deities for various reasons.
  9. The list below is organic; it can change and grow at any time. A player’s choice of a deity, if desired, need not be limited to the list below.
  10. Not all Subdomains will be available to a particular deity.

The Gods of Light

Metrym, (MEHT-rim)
Goddess of Healing and Peace
Healing, Good, Protection, Repose
(NG, quarterstaff)
Tyr, (TEER)
God of Valor, Strength of Arms, Honor
Glory, Law, Nobility, War
(LG Lance, Spears)
Kihwyn, (key-WIN)
Patron of Merryment, Love, Family
Charm, Luck, Community
(CG, mace)
Mayaheine, (MY-ah-heen )
Goddess of Protection, Justice, and Valor
Good, Strength, Protection
(LG, Longsword)
Mirgrod, (MEER-odd)
The Great Librarian, Keeper of the Ward
Knowledge, Rune, Magic, Protection
(NG, heavy mace)
Eslhtah, (EH-sahl-tah)
God of Air, Birds, Wind and Archery
Air, Animals, Knowledge
(CG, longbow)

The Gods of Wisdom

Aldorin, (al-DOOR-in)
God of Justice, Logic, Order
Knowledge, Law, Protection
(LN, great sword)
Photen, (FOE-ten)
The Forger; God of Fire, Warmth, Strength of the Hearth
Earth, Fire, Strength, Sun, Artifice
(N, flames)
Owaghn, (OH-waan)
Patron of Nature, Wildlife, Earth
Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water
(N, longbow)
The Ward
Aspect of Necromantic Magics
Healing, Magic, Knowledge, Repose, Death
(LN, mace)(see above)
Ohstaiya, (oh-stEYE-ya)
Mistress of Dreams and Magic
Magic, Trickery, Travel
(N, scimatar)
Aspect of War, Cunning, and Humor
Chaos, War, Trickery
(CN Kukri)

The Malign

Kherishek, (KAIR-ish-eck)
Minion of Corruption, Deceit, “Backstabbing”
Darkness, Evil, Trickery
NE (poisons, dagger)
Elkroyim, (el-KROY-him)
Minion of Unnatural Death (Murder), Attrocities
Death, Destruction, Strength
NE (Great Axe)
Pohtylhreth, (poh-TILL-reth)
Master of Selfishness, Greed, Gluttony, Temptation
Charm, Knowledge, Liberation
CE (Falchion)
Schamedi, (shah-MEE-dee)
Lord of the Dead (Undead)
Death, Law, War
LE (Scythe)
Lokyrm, (LOCK-rim)
Render of Flesh, Lord of Nightmares
Chaos, Madness, Trickery
CE (Scourge)
Niduleb, (nigh-DOO-lehb)
Lunatic of Horror, Slayer of the Innocent
Charm, Destruction, Evil
NE (hook-blade)

Faiths of Old and New

Woten, (WOE-ten) Lord-Protector, Shield-Mate, Master of Feasthalls Protection, Law, Fire, Strength LN (Longspear+ shield)
Moradin, (MOOR-eh-din)
Forge-Father Giant-Bane (dwarven) Protection, Strength, Artifice, Glory LG (Dwarven Waraxe)
Aspect of Vengeance, Dwarf-Protector, Scourge of Goblinkind Earth, Law, Protection, War, Liberation LN (Dwarven Axes & Hammers)

The Gods of Arboria

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