Mystics of Dyna


Mystics of Dyna are members of an order composed primarily of women (75% women total). About 3000 years ago, a young girl named Dyna was forced by her father to become a member of a local nunnery devoted to Mirgrod, Keeper of the Ward. The nunnery was a place for sages mostly and tended by an all female clergy.

Dyna’s father was a general of the armies of the Empire at the time and though Dyna was only 16, he decided that she would be better protected hidden at the nunnery while he was off at war. Since Dyna was the last living member of the family, she would stand to inherit all that her father owned.

As it was, Dyna’s father had, unknowingly, instructed her in the arts of war (Dyna was forever caught eavesdropping while her father instructed troops or squires). Being a headstrong girl, Dyna did not enjoy being sent to a virtual prison by her father, yet, she still did as her father bid out of love.

As the war progressed, enemy forces drew closer and closer to Dyna and the nunnery. Then, one night word was sent by a runner that forces of the Corrupt were two days away and that the nunnery was to vacate to the nearby hills. Knowing that the nuns would never make the trip due to age and training, Dyna took charge and sent the runner back requesting reinforcements while she set about to strengthen the walls of the nunnery.

For a day, she instructed the youngest of the nuns in weapon defense tactics, while the local militia reinforced the walls and prepared for an assault. The eldest were to take charge of the wounded, if necessary.

A legion of the Corrupt arrived as predicted, and the battle went badly. Within a few hours, the gates were felled, and the inner courtyard was infested. The defenders retreated into the catacombs while Dyna defended the entryway. For three days, she fought without rest, taking many wounds that would fester in minutes.

On the forth day, the forces of the Corrupt fled. Dyna collapsed from her wounds while the nuns took her to the infirmary. Word soon reached the nunnery that 7 legions of Imperials were just arriving, lead by Dyna’s father.

Dyna never woke up that day. She died in her fathers’ arms. Dyna’s father then resigned from the Imperial Legions to take up command of the local militia and completed their training.

Driven by Dyna’s sacrifice and her devotion to her father and the nunnery, seven men and 10 women were chosen to receive further training from Dyna’s father. This group of seventeen people became the first Mystics of Dyna.

Dyna is now considered by all to be a Saint, and was dubbed such by the Empire one year later. Upon this one year anniversary, it was ordered that the nunnery would become the home of the Mystics, and as such, would receive intense mental and military training provided by Vasilion, a Shaper (psion) in the service of the god Mesloj and by Dyna’s father Vallyn, who then began his service as a Paladin of Mirgrod.

For 3000 years, this Order of Mirgrod has produced Mystics devoted to protection of the innocent, defense of the Empire against the Corrupt and as instructors in the arts of both war and peace. Mystics are rare to find in smaller communities, mostly only travelers in such places. There are rumors of many hermits being Mystics. Most Mystics can be found at the main Monastery near the Imperial City and near the borders of the Empire and the Desert of Desolation to the far west close to the original nunnery.

Mystics of Dyna

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