Beornor Wolfclan


Hold, great warriors…stay your hands, for you would not survive in crossing weapons with me.

I am…or was…Beornor of the Wolf Clan and this is my place of rest. I and those that gave their lives for me in my last battle against the Eldenfell were laid to rest here many long years ago. Tell me…does my land…prosper?

He sighs heavily.

It seems that my kingdom and my lands are no more, though it is heartening to see that the Eldenfell have been pushed back to their unholy lands…

Looking about you, he continues.

…yet it seems their presence can still be felt in such lost places as my eternal chambers. Alas, I feel that my people did not wholly prevail against our common enemy.

Their taint still remains.

The Eldenfell are a blight on our world. They dishonor the ground they tread and the air they breath. All that they touch withers and dies for they glutton themselves on disease and deformity.

Sqsnoeb5 That is the Even-handed Eye of Woten. I honored him in battle and in judgement many times, and have earned a place at his table.

His eyes mist over as he waves his hand over the necklace; the necklace becomes restored.

I would ask one favor of you. Far to the north lies the last of my people. They dwell in a land of rock. There you will find a great edifice of a wolf. I would ask that if you ever find yourselves in such a land that you to deliver this necklace, and bury it in remembrance of my daughter Mitri.

My time is short; you have done me a great service, noble warriors, in cleansing my Lasthome of the Eldenfell taint. Know that should you fall in battle I shall count you among my household, and together we shall dine in the Feasthall of Woten and speak of great deeds.


Beornor Wolfclan

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