When the Ends and the Means are Justifed

Previously in Arboria

  • After a careful rest, the party proceeded to clear out the remainder of the monastery.
  • Descending again, the party advanced towards the western part of the ruins, finding an empty and dusty barraks. Proceeding north a mess hall was found where a recent battle had taken place.

  • Within a matter of moments sudden footsteps were heard northward as a pair of disheveled ghouls came running, into the mess hall. Apparently they were being pursued. Two man-sized creatures, no skin, black muscles, red glowing eyes were firing magical crossbows at the ghouls. Missed shots hit nearby walls with a blast of rock from the strong magics.
  • The party advanced on the two crossbow wielding adversaries once the ghouls were dispatched. Co-ordinated tactics quickly brought the unknown assailants down.
  • Vade’s son, Savram, quickly assessed the party as ‘seemingly competent’ and insisted that they help rescue his friends that were abducted by a smoke demon. Savram, obviously, has a high opinion of himself.

  • The party continued their exploration at the urging of Savram. They found and rescued Kimi, the tomboyish daughter of a local renowned ranger. Ripping the leg from a nearby wooden table, Kimi was determined to rescue her friend.
  • The group advanced onward through some rough hewn tunnels filled with smoke. At last, ahead, they could see the soft glow of a red-hot forge. Hammer-to-iron could be heard ahead, along with the simpering sounds of a crying child.

  • Ahead, near the forge, the party could see an underwordly monstrosity covered in chains. Nearby, a plump boy wrapped with chains and linked to the monstrosity was silently crying, near exhaustion and almost unconscious.
  • The party slowly advanced and prepared for the inevitable demise of the thing-that-should-not-be. As it turned, combat ensued with the addition of two hell hounds, jaws dripping with ash and lava, which immediately breathed gouts of fire from behind, hitting the children.

  • The smoky room made combat difficult. With the children near or seemingly dead, the party finally brough down the master of the ruins.
  • In the aftermath, the party manage to save the children…barely. Exhausted and disheveled, they all rested before returning to town.

  • In the last few weeks, the party has learned more of the political and social structure of Ravenbrook. This sad town needs some serious trimming of fat. The party now set their sights on a new adversary…Thuldrin Kreed, who runs his town like a mini kingdom.
  • Plots are hatched, and a new chapter begins.

What do you do?


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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