To Clean or to Cleanse

Previously in Arboria

  • The party finally arrived in Riverbrook and learned of the origin of the plague. They eventually met with Laurel, the local midwife and herbalist, and she mentioned a possible cure. One of the ingredients could be found at the dwarven monastery.
  • After acquiring a map, the group decided on a direct path to the monastery through the Darkmoon Vale. There were several strange encounters, such as mysterious tracks that suddenly vanished, and fey seemingly impaled upon trees.
  • The party finally arrived at the monastery after 3 days of travel. After a quick recon, it was decided to enter the building through a large opening into the dilapidated library.
  • With Battalacus at the lead, you made quick work of the remaining denizens within the monastery. Battle proved difficult against a very large and intelligent Worg guarding one of the ingredients, but the party prevailed.
  • Finally, the party found a hidden chamber within which they could rest up and then descend to the next level…
  • …or, should they continue searching for the remaining ingredients knowing that there are lives at stake.


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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