Time Enough for Sleep in the Grave...

Previously in Arboria

  • The party decided to proceed north through the center of the area, avoiding the pressure-plate filled circular.
  • Many strange traps and situations were encountered; a steam filled room with a pair of shocker lizards, a vaulted room with statues on opposing sides where the room itself would quickly invert, causing the statues to pummel the party; a listening chamber where all the sounds in the underground temple could be heard, protected by incorporeal undead.

  • Eventually, the party reached the High Abbot’s Chamber. There, a strange contraption that looked like an automated anvil and hammer was found. Laying across it was a skeleton with a crushed skull. Pining away at the remains was a homunculous, crying for it’s long dead master. Zhevon captured the critter in his cape, and then proceeded to test out the newly acquired machine.
  • A small splatter of blood later, Kima and Yonik discovered some treasures laying about the room. The skeleton had a magical, cursed, gauntlet made from Cold Iron. Yonik found an incomplete sculpture of an owlbear, and a small plaque of obsidian with the final words of the Abbot.
  • Zhevon, not satisfied with his earlier tests, proceeded to use the cursed gauntlet to ‘acquire’ some Cold Iron for later usage.
  • Following the double doors from the Abbot’s quarters to the east, it lead to a hallway that went south to the previously found circular chamber of plates. Northward, the passage turned a corner and lead to another secret door.
  • Zhevon opened the door and immediately closed it. Beyond the door the party could see combatants that were prepared for them.
  • These humanoids didn’t look like they had skin. Their muscles were black and where tendons would be it was a lighter shade of grey. Their eyes were wide, unblinking and glowed red like smooth blood-colored gems. Each bore some type of a strange crossbow that glowed.
  • Upon closing the door, the party then decided that perhaps a re-grouping was in order. They encamped upstairs in a hidden chamber that was at one point the monk’s quarters.

What do you do?


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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