The Road Goes Ever On...

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Previously in Arboria

  • Battalacus met with Maudain, a Forge-Priest of Moradin and received insight and assistance in locating the dwarven monestary. A great reward awaits him upon successful completion of his task.
  • Zhevon was able to make contact with local ‘representatives’ that are requesting assistance in a region on the borderlands between the Imperials and Dwarfholm. Zhevon also learned the meaning behind the perverted symbol of the Aliantha leaf.
  • The party visited the Mystic temple to complete their original mission. The Mystic that accepted delivery, Marlan, gave the party many gems as their reward, in excess of the original fees promised.
  • Zhevon asked about a magical wooden sickle which bore the mark of a perverted Aliantha leaf. Marlan, a matron within the Mystic order, revealed that the weapon itself was corrupted, and was amazed that the party survived as long as they did with such a weapon in their possession. It was then that the party learned of the special properties of the silvered turquoise necklace in their possession.
  • Marlan destroyed the corrupted sickle and paid the party an additional sum for bringing it to the Mystics. It was then discovered that the party had a mild exposure to corruption, which Marlan was happy to remove with the party’s permission.
  • Rory and ‘Priest’ took their leave but promised to return if their help was ever needed. They also expressed a desire to accompany the party should they make plans to return the silvered turquoise necklace as requested by the ghost Bruenor.
  • Battalacus and Zhevon then began making plans for their joint journey to Ravenbrook, a small though important lumbering community.

What do you do?


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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