Ravenbrook At Last

Previously in Arboria

  • Heading westward, the party soon reached a small farming village with a local lord.
  • It was soon discovered that a child had become ill with a plague-like disease. Zhevon managed to work up a medicinal tea that alleviated some of the pain the child was experiencing. However, the child could soon die.
  • The party visited the local lord and plead for the child to be taken swiftly to TwinPort West to receive care from the Mystics of Dyna for it was discovered that the plague may have originated through Corruption.
  • Several days later, the party was thwarted an ambush by several mainland Hobgoblins and their employer; Bavo, the wizard assistant to Taezal, the Alborian druidess that orchestrated the attack on the party’s ship several weeks earlier. Obviously driven mad by his extended use of Corrupted Arcanic magic, the party relieved Bavo of his life.
  • A few days later, at long last, the party reached a ferry that would take them across the river. On the far bank, the party could make out the roughshod hovels of the village Ravenbrook.


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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