Preparing for War?

Previously in Arboria

  • The party came upon a minor roadside community that was surrounded by three different legions of about 100 soldiers each. Dwarves, Elves and Arborian Hobgoblins were representing and cooperating.
  • It was decided by the party to try and get a few of the dwarves drunk to learn more of what transpired.
  • Hector Longchain, a highly skilled sapper in the dwarven legion, easily volunteered his insight as to what was going on, and confirmed that Aborian Hobgoblins are nothing like the Hobgoblins on the mainland. He suspects that Arborian Hobgoblins are a completely different race.
  • Your new friend Hector also volunteered that the three legions were marking up to the capital in a show of strength and unity to bolster moral for an upcoming war. Unfortunately, no specifics were learned.
  • At the beginning of the next day, the legions had left or were leaving the community. Your party continued to travel south through heavy forest.

  • At midday, you encountered an extremely tall man, about 8-10 feet. Long beard, flowing white robed, ancient face with piercing eyes. He said ‘Assist Me’ while you watched the forest close in behind him.
  • Following the entity, you were led to a dead and fallen tree that was re-diverting a small brook that would eventually cause a flash flood upon a distant farmstead. Asking the entity why he could not move it himself, his only answer was ‘Forbidden’.

  • Your party set about to work on the dead tree. Close to finishing your task you were accosted by Minions of Corruption, which you dispatched quickly.
  • Completing your task the entity gave you a give of a fine meal. The next day you discovered some magical trinkets as an additional reward.
  • Continuing your travel southward, you soon discovered that your travel time has been substantially reduced. You are only about nine days away from your destination. Kima found a nearby shrine to Ohstaiya and gave prayers & offerings in thanks for their speedy travel.


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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