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Previously in Arboria — South of TwinPort West

  • Interviews were conducted and two new associates were hired: Yonik, a robed dwarf highly proficient in the use of bows and Kima, a tall human woman with dark hair and birthmark in the shape of a scimitar on one cheek.
  • The mists of fate revealed signs and portents to some party members on the night before leaving TwinPort West.
  • The party traveled southward from TwinPort west following the well maintained cobbled road. Many pastures and farms were found along this southern route. Merchants, caravans and soldiers of all sorts travel in both directions along this main trade route.
  • The first night on the road was spent in the barn of an Imperial Waystation. These waystations are places of safe haven for travellers along the Imperial roads.
  • At midday on the second day of their southward travels, the party came upon a small farm that had been looted and pillaged by some escaped criminals. The only survivor, a small baby, was given to the Imperial patrol that happened upon the carnage after the party successfully took revenge for the family upon their killers.
  • The party decided to give the loot they found upon the criminals as a gift to the orphaned child. As a reward, all members of your group received small wooden tokens that could be redeamed at any waystation for a small amount of coin in reward for their services to the Imperial armies.
  • Zhevon looked upon the wooden tokens with a glint in his eye.
  • For their second night, at sunset the party came upon a small community where there was an inn, a general store and a blacksmith to services to travellers. Also, there’s a warehouse for the storage and trade of common goods (grains, lumber, textiles, etc.).


Dorgrim Dorgrim

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