All work and no play...

Previously in Arboria

  • The party decided to assist Ravenbrook by gathering the remainder of the ingredients that Laurel mentioned.
  • The pickled rat’s tail was a root found within an old shack out in the woods. The shack was dilapidated and run down, possible abandoned for a few decades. Before the party was able to acquire the ingredient they were assaulted by an animated cauldron taking up large portion of the small shack.
  • Next, the group found the tallest and oldest tree within the woods. High in the branches there were three bodies that looked to be local hunters. As she approached the tree, Kima was attacked by a large half-lizard half-humanoid like creature. It was later learned that the creature was a Tatzlwurm and was a distant cousin to dragons. The creature was skinned and it’s not sure yet if the pelt can be used in crafting special armors.
  • Arriving back at Ravenbrook it was learned that 15 more people had died since you left (death toll since you arrived is 20 total). It seems that the town had been awaiting your return once it was rumored you were to investigate a cure. Laurel thanked you and gave each of you a small reward of coins (there’s not much more she could offer).
  • The party returned to the monastery and entered the lower chambers. These areas are extremely well constructed with very smooth floors, wide corridors and robust double doors in most locations. The entry room had a partially destroyed obelisk of obsidian. The obelisk had many dwarven runes and depictions of Droskar, dwarven god of toil and domination. It seems that there was recent work done on the obelisk where parts had been chipped away.
  • A side room had a sacrificial pit filled with lava. Evidence of previous sacrifices could be seen where blood had seeped into the sides of the lava-pit. Hiding in the vents above were two Gricks that assailed the party.
  • North of the lava pit, behind locked doors, a long hallway was traversed until the party met large menacing and obviously Corrupted rats feeding from a decapitated corpse. Short work was made of these dog-sized monsters.
  • Following the corridor, ignoring a side passage, it ended is a set of locked double doors. Beyond was a circular room with a stone obelisk rose from floor to ceiling, its surface covered with metal bands and encrusted with deposits of a strange greenish mineral. The floor of this chamber is strewn with headless skeletons and scattered bones (no skulls among them). A dented steel shield and bits of metal armor lie at the foot of the obelisk.
  • Working in tandem, Zhevon and Kima soon learned that there were many plate triggers within the room. Not knowing what would happen, it was decided to toss the headless corpse into the room. As it landed, the corpse was engulfed in a blast of lightning and the doors closed, almost trapping one of them inside. After a few minutes, there was a click and the doors relocked themselves.
  • Ignoring the circular room for now, the party decided to take a side passage that looked like it would lead them back to the stairs. An evil hiss arose from the darkness ahead. A floating dwarven form shrouded in full plate rounds the corner. The air about the dwarven specter shimmered eerily, and the walls and floor sizzled and smoked where it passed. The thing’s boots scorned the earth, gliding a full foot above the masonry floor. It dragged a cruel bloodletter axe in the air behind it.
  • As the specter closed in upon the party it was soon learned that the creature was actually an empty set of armor encased in a gelatinous cube. It followed to group as the party laid oil traps and lead it into the lava room in order to destroy it. Battalacus ended up with a nice set of armor and a glowing magical battle-axe as a reward.

Please note: I did a google search for battle axes. I went through the list not liking what I saw until I came upon the squirrel shouting No. I don’t know why it came up in the search but thought it too funny not to include.

What do you do?


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